Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and material science for analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. We the members of G.E.A.R club @ YCET hold our strong belief in skill development not only through excercising our full potential inside the four walls of classroom, but through interactive and synergetic means. Therefore we introduce, promote and encourage several all round skill development programmes such as guest lectures, industrial visists, workshops, working on real life projects and many more.

Students Working for Advancement in Technology (SWAT) is a group of students who enjoy experimenting with technology, building tiny projects, organizing quizzes, workshops, competitions for fun and learning. Our activities involve anything from which we derive a sense of joy. We believe strongly in "Learning by Practice". The objective of our club is to disseminate knowledge about computer (networking, assembling etc) to the students of all departments, promote activities related to the discipline, and provide information about job opportunities.

Electrical engineers do not believe in miracles. They rely on them. Electrical engineering has revealed to us the true nature of light, has provided us with innumerable appliances and instruments of precision, and has thereby vastly added to the extension of our knowledge. So, we have named our club as "Thunder & Lighter". Lightening is a powerful sudden flow of electricity accompained by thunder taht occurs during an electric storm. Lightening may be seen but may be too far away from the thunder to heard.

The purpose of this club is to become a multifaceted club, where students can apply classroom knowledge to real world engineering through involvement in club activities and community outreach. In order to build a better reputation for the club and its members, we strive to give them opportunities and community service projects. We intend to initiate constructive growth for the club by strengthening oue student base and establishing a solid relationship between the club and the local industry. Every year the club works on any two selective projects for competition with other engg. colleges.

Extracurricular activities are like a refreshing symphony in the academic atmosphere. These (Social/cultural) activities not only help students to identify themselves with the institution, but also abet them to develop themselves in a desired field as well as to improve their skills such as organizational, presentation, leadership and interpersonal communication. The cultural club of YCET named as SPICE@YCET aims at identifying and promoting the cultural and artistic talents of the students. Its mission is to help students unleash their potential in the co-curricular segments to foster, inculcate and nurtue their hobbies and talents.

YCET jammu has initiated the establishment of Sports Club with the objective of holistic development of students. Sports Club would initiate various sport activities. Sports in particlular help in developing physical stamina and mental stability. Sports club also encourages indoor games like chess, ludo, table tennis, carrom and many mind games. it also promotes and cater outdoor games like cricket, football volleyball etc with the aim of physical and mental development of students. Sports club also works in harmony and motivate students to participate as much as possible.