Director’s Message

A warm welcome !!
Computer communication and networking has revolutionized the whole world and internet has made it a global village. In this era of globalization it does not make any difference whether a student is in India or USA or any other country in the world. It is possible to retrieve any information on computer with internet from anywhere within seconds by a click on mouse. Fierce competition due to mushrooming of professional colleges and universities compels us to live up to the global standards of education. To have a cut above the rest we adhere to the global parameters of education and inculcate the core competencies in Engineering and Technology with full zest and ardor.
We at Yogananda College of Engineering & Technology are striving hard to provide better infrastructure, facilities and computers with internet facility to each student. Also we are working to make our intranet very rich. The time table, teaching schedule, lesson plan, lecture notes, assignments, university question papers and award list etc. will be provided on intranet for the access to our students. Further all faculty members will have fixed time slots of meeting with the students daily to discuss and solve their problems. The ERP software which we have will provide complete solution of college management i.e. right from admission of a student to the completion of course.
We are having a good academic environment by providing highly qualified and experienced faculty, highly equipped advance laboratories, R&D facilities, rich library, e-library, well equipped class rooms and seminar halls with audio and visual facilities for e-learning etc. The group organizes workshops, national and international conferences and seminars on regular basis for technology development of students and faculty in all the departments. Our aim is to produce world class professionals and provide them a better placement. 

I on behalf of faculty members and management of Yogananda College of Engineering & Technology welcome the new entrants and assure them that they will find the environment of our campus very competitive, encouraging and satisfying.