Two Day Workshop at YCET in association with IIT Varanasi

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The quest for a technologically aware student base was cultivated further today by the Electrical, Computer and Information technology department of Yogananda College of Engineering and Technology by organizing a “2 day workshop by Technex’19 Indian Insitute of Technology, Varanasi in collaboration with Innovians Technologies”. The workshop was organized for 6th Sem Electrical students and 4th Sem CSE & IT students.

Mr.Prateek Gupta was the resource persons for the workshop. It was a national level workshop series on Internet of Things (IOT) through Arduino. On the first day participants were given an insight of micro-controller, Arduino Programming, installation of Arduino Kit with PC, introduction of small projects and various other components used in Arduino kit. And on the second day the students were explained the basic procedures for working with Arduino and made projects on Control Devices using Localhost Web server for Home Automation, Being Social on twitter & update status on Twitter through Arduino, Send Voltage or Analog Data on Cloud Server and Use Arduino to upload free data from Environment Sensors to cloud server.

The session was very well absorbed by the presence of 6th sem Electrical students and 4th sem CSE & IT students. The students were fortunate that they have got the chance to attend this workshop and participate in the celebration of knowledge and creative extravagance along with the expert from the concerned field

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